Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!! Its the year of the horse and that one of my favorite characters in  Chinese zodiac! It is energetic, intelligent and of course warm hearted. It is a sign to try and better educate ourselves, I love that. I have really been enjoying reading blogs and watching podcasts on nutrition this year. I must say that everything I have been teaching to friends and family has been confirmed in print over the last few months so its been fun to say " I knew somebody would prove that someday!!" Well here we are learning again that we should eat more fiber, increase our probiotics and reduce inflammatory foods.
Whats an inflammatory food? Intuitively we answer quickly to what we know doesn't agree with us, and intelligently we answer with processed foods, high sugared foods and white food ( white rice, white flour and white sugar). Most foods that are white exist that way because they have been bleached and I don't know about you but bleach is something we should not ingest.
To take that one step further white clothes, white coffee filters, white things all together are generally bleached and should not be kept close to your body or used by something you will ingest.
but back to food... Instead of noodles and fiber low carbs try spiraling some vegetables and making a noodle like dish out of zucchini or squash. Food processors have a blade to cut them into a spiral like curly fries. Then sauté with seasoning for a new take on vegetables.
This is a way to increase your fiber and reduce processed food.
Lets start the year with learning that food is meant to keep us healthy and strong and its never too late to start.
Happy New Year!

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